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This month we had the opportunity to participate in #ISE2019, the most important event in our sector in Europe.

Which has given us far more valuable business synergies than any year before.Our goal is to turn all opportunities into valuable projects to consolidate ourselves as a company that offers solutions and experiments with new ways of communicating with the audience. Always with the intention of making our customers dream.

What technical innovations have impressed us the most?

The Pixel Pitch LED technology, increasingly smaller and with an even more efficient assembly. Also, the OLED screens, more flexible and brighter than ever, interesting to create shapes never seen before. We were also surprised by the image-to-audio integration of the new monitor from LG Electronics. A monitor able to reproduce in 8K and that integrates “Crystal Sound” technology.It is a screen with a speaker with multiple integrated woofers that allow you to “feel” the sound when touching the display.

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