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We optimise the service

One of the key stages of a project begins when the technological implementation ends, and we must accompany the customer throughout the process. Our methodology optimises service and customer satisfaction.

International coverage in over 45 countries

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  • We assign a Head of Service per customer guaranteeing a personalised service to our customers.
  • In-house and specialised HelpDesk, available 24/7.
  • Remote support; reception, categorisation, resolution.
  • Service levels SBD, NBD and 2NBD.
  • Certified and trained with official certification in the installed Hardware and Software.



Incident efficiency

More than

Of incidents resolved remotely.


More than

Of requests solved on the same day.

More than

Of incidents solved preventively.

Smart Maintenance

  • We analyse the technical needs of each project to design a structured and personalised maintenance model for our customers.
  • Own analytical ticketing tool that maximises uptime and minimises the number of incidents.
  • We monitor the project’s statistical evolution: optimising the operation of the systems, establishing patterns and automatic solution procedures.
  • Reports on system performance and the evolution of the daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly service.
  • Inventory management: We catalogue each of the assets, kits and configurations we maintain.

Onsite Maintenance

  • Our support specialists supervise trained and certified technicians present in more than 45 countries.
  • Corrective and preventive maintenance; the importance of protecting and maximizing useful life and your investment.
  • International logistics operation: local storage of parts, spare parts and swap in the countries where we operate.
  • Collateral management and RMA’s.
  • Product lifecycle control as well as patch and adjustments, with direct integration with manufacturers


Channel management

  • Creation, programming and monitoring of content playlists.
  • Assignment of schedules.
  • Creation of templates and tools for customer self-management. Remote support in their operation.
  • Management and monitoring of smart content programming.
  • Device management; on/off settings, updates, etc.
  • Proof-of-play and channel performance reports.

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