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Communication created for employees

We create valuable, agile and effective digital communication solutions. The digital transformation of companies starts with the employees

Omnichannel Communication

We analyse the customer’s omnichannel communication and guarantee a digital integration of the different internal communication platforms in real time.

How can we help you?

Statistics gathered from surveys carried out with more than 250 employees in a large corporation

  • Signage is the second most important internal communication channel for the employee after the intranet.
  • One of the strengths of digital signage is that it reaches places where other media does not. 100% reach.
  • Survey respondents highlight the immediacy of information and convenience as an advantage of signage (not having to devote an express amount of time to stay informed).

  • The average attention span of the audience is close to 50%. Of the 33 seconds of the person being in front of the screen, 16 are full attention on the channel.


Shall we digitise your communication?

A global 360 project

We interpret the needs of the customer from personalised workshops where we analyse the project expectations within a framework of:

Setting objectives

Identify the project’s specific objective based on tangible communication needs.


Increase brand awareness through relevant content that generates visual impact.


Communicate employee benefits offered by the company.


Corporate Information: Agreements, Business, Events, Sponsorships.


Corporate Information: Agreements, Business, Events, Sponsorships.

Technology Integration

Analyse the physical environment, determine HW-SW and how the project’s installation maintenance guarantees its success.

Visual Auditing

Through quantitative and qualitative analysis, we identify variables that determine: Location, type and dimensions of the media.



OLED Screens, LED Curtains, Videowalls, Anamorphic, Projectors, Augmented Reality.



Depending on the customer’s needs, we propose the use of a CMS in line with the expectations and needs defined in the project’s objectives.


Managed Services

One of the key stages of a project begins when the technological implementation ends.


Content strategy

In order for the objectives of a Digital Signage project to be fulfilled, the importance of the content must be understood.

With no relevant content, technology makes no sense. The sooner you realise it, the better for your project.

We structure a process that consolidates the customer’s Brand Book with the communication needs defined in the project objective.

Designing a DS Style Book

Use of logos – Chromatic use
Typographic use – Composition
Cyrons Use – Animation
Visual Narrative – Resolutions and Codecs

Content Theme

Determine content blocks based on the customer’s communication – project objective – target.


Duration of the channel

Based on the customer journey, and the conclusions defined in the Visual Audit, we determine the channel duration and the clips on it.


Content update frequency

The recurrence of visitors and the ability of the communications department to generate content establish the update frequency.


Content production

We use all professional advertising tools to generate state of the art content.


  • Graphic design
  • Illustration
  • Photography



  • Tactile
  • Kinect
  • Processing
  • 3D Mapping


  • Real image filming
  • Motion Graphics
  • 3D animation
  • Cartoon animation


  • Customer’s Social Media Integration with custom design and animation (FB, TW, IG, BLOG) and with Cloud storage (http and ftp).


Managed Services

One of the key stages of a project begins when the technological implementation ends, and we must accompany the customer throughout the process. Our methodology optimises service and customer satisfaction.

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