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What is it?

Cisco Remote Expert connects your customers with your advisers and specialists via remote video conferencing in face-to-face meetings that ensure better customer experience and lower operating costs.

Customers who have put there trust in us:


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Success stories

The Nottingham Building Society

Nottingham Building Society used a secure high-speed fibre optic network from Virgin Media Business to install high-definition video communication technology in all of its branches.

Cisco Remote Expert helped customers connect with their mortgage advisers: a small change that has already had a big impact on people’s ability to buy the home of their dreams.

NationWide Uk

“We have helped 30,000 customers across the country with 5,000 interviews per month, while creating 230 new roles in 300 operations centres across the UK”.

Mark Goldman – Divisional Director, Nationwide Building Society

Integration and Security

The high-performance plug and play solution


Access without requiring PIN codes, phone numbers or passwords.


Native integration with the Cisco platform.


Adobe Sign and DocuSign® protocols for completing secure transactions.

Image quality

Conversations between experts and customers in real time with HD quality and with no interruptions.

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