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Let your customers and employees know that you care about them

We are redefining our habits and interactions in our day to day. Digital communication and control in shared spaces is key in the digital transformation of your business.

Real solutions, already implemented in other projects, that guarantee success in Corporate and Retail environments.

Neo Invisible Touch

Neo Invisible Touch is the digital tool that allows you to interact with any digital support in a gestural way, allowing you to use any monitor to generate a memorable experience.

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Neo Smart Capacity

Neo Smart Capacity is the solution that intelligently manages audience capacity, integrating the most advanced technology with 4D cameras in a professional digital billboard channel On Cloud.

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Audience Analytics

Know your audience and analyze the dangers of risk groups. Make decisions in real time through communication on digital signage screens.

  • More accurate age range analysis (+/- 10 years)
  • Determine risk groups (+70 years)
  • Identify times / dates of greatest risk
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Traffic Analytics

Define the behavior within the establishment and capture safe environments in which you can take preventive / corrective actions:

  • Measure the distance between people
  • Analyze interactions (people, distance and time)
  • Identify high-risk areas
  • Real-time heat and occupancy maps
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