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What is it?

Neo Invisible Touch is the digital tool that allows you to interact with any digital support in a gestural way, allowing you to use any monitor to generate a memorable experience.

Why is it perfect for you?

Key features of our product

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Convert your current conventional monitor to a monitor with gesture technology.


By gesturing, you can navigate through content with unlimited functionalities.

User friendly

Navigate through buttons and sliders designed for intuitive and precise use.

Safe and customizable

Content based on a Cloud platform for real time management. 100% customization of content from the client’s brandbook.

How does it work?

Functional characteristics of our product

USB connectivity

The gesture sensor with USB connectivity to the monitor redefines the potential of the mount.

Real time management

The intelligent management of content in real time through the platform in Cloud Ubox allows to load new screens or slots of complete contents.

Gamification like sales tool

Connect with your customers through pure gamification! Turn the corner into the strategic point of your store.


Know the needs of your customers and promote your products in a segmented way

The best for you, the best for your client

Analytics that provides added value to make strategic decisions. It also allows you to know the needs of your target / preferences by sex / most desired product, through a real-time dashboard. Natively integrated into the platform, it allows you to suggest products based on your customer’s profile.

Full integration

Responsive HTML5 programming makes it possible to integrate information from any source (http, ftp ...)

Want to know more?

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