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What is it?

Neo Smart Capacity is the solution that intelligently manages the audience capacity, guaranteeing the safety distance in your space.

It allows you to have control of access in real time in a non-invasive way and it allows you to have a digital information, promotion and sales tool.


Key features of our product


Capacity regulation

Through a monitor, the visitor is informed of the occupation status in real time, allowing or restricting access to the establishment.


Communication and CMS

Communicate with your audience in real time with promotions related to time of day, capacity availability or temperature.

Dashboard – Global

Cloud platform that controls the performance of each area: occupancy analytics, total visits, average visit time, average capacity, conversion rate… Integrable in B.I. via API.


Convey the sense of control that your customers need through friendly and close communication.

Inform your customers of your products in real time thanks to the most international platform on the market, which allows you to update your messages in a personalized and immediate way through templates.

Touch free

Thanks to the integration of the responsive channel, it allows your clients to “take” the content immediately to their mobile, guaranteeing that they have all the information without the need for any “touch free” physical element.

Responsive self-managed communication

Manage your information from a single CMS and have it published in all the information channels of your digital environment (mobile, webapp, Digital Signage...)

Integrated analytics

The HW module with 4D camera and integrated dashboard allows you to know visits, average visit time, average capacity, penetration rate and recurrence.

Neo Smart Capacity

Smart hardware

Analytics Module

  • 3D analytical video sensor (bi-focal).
  • Proven reliability of over 98% thanks to 3D technology.
  • Quick and easy installation and parameterization.
  • It allows managing multiple accesses in each location.
  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.
  • It allows working locally in the event of a network failure, storing data for up to 30 days.
  • 24/7 operation.
  • High stability and customizable alerts.

Digital Signage integration

  • Integrable in the client’s professional CMS.
  • Constant and local communication with the counting device, it does not depend on an internet connection to continue working.
  • WiFi and Ethernet connectivity.
  • Can be integrated into any HDMI monitor.
  • 24/7 operation.
  • Possibility of self-supporting support to modify the location of the device.

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