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Personalised analytics for each customer

Relevant data that compared with the product conversion baseline generates conclusions to determine the ROI.


Products associated to Analytics

Wi-Fi Customer Insight

The user’s access through their personal data or through Facebook Connect or Instagram Connect allows us to gain knowledge of applications and websites that the customer is viewing and categorising this information according to competitors, internal competitors, landing pages, and so on. All this data is presented in an easy to use and understand customer dashboard.

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Traffic Analytics

Traffic Analytics Dashboard is cloud-based and updated every 24 hours. KPIs are shown for all major organisations (with their secondary organisations) or selected organisations.

We obtain customer traffic information from the combined analysis of Wi-Fi and video analysis.

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Audience Analytics

This technology uses various algorithms to analyse pixels that resemble the patterns of human faces and movements. The analysis is based on the distribution of pixels and their differences, so no identifying data is ever recorded or stored.

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Dynamic Signage

Smart solution that automatically displays content based on demographic variables, weather, Cloud data or customer stock data.

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Minerva AI

We analyse the campaign’s audience, sales, stock data and real-time attribution for Minerva to interpret and make the right decision for your customer. Its main objective is to improve the customer experience through digital signage, making accurate predictions about what content is the most desired and displaying it at the right time and place.

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Interactive Product Display

With a simple RFID scan, a barcode or by lifting products from an interactive shelf, on a digital signage screen we can instantly display information linked to the product in an appealing way.

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