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What is it?

This technology uses various algorithms to analyse pixels that resemble the patterns of human faces and movements. The analysis is based on the distribution of pixels and their differences, so no identifying data is ever recorded or stored.

Audience Analytics Dashboard by Beabloo

Audience Analytics Dashboard by Beabloo

How can we help you?

  • Achieve a competitive segmentation of your customer based on audience demographics.
  • Improve marketing efficiency by communicating better with your audience, providing the best experience to the right target audience.
  • Maximize the value of digital marketing campaigns with metrics.


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Key metrics available with Audience Analytics


How many men and women saw the selected content within a selected period, and how many people were not detected by the camera.


Age range

Views sorted by age range.



At what time of day was the content seen most (early morning, morning, afternoon, or evening).


Number of times content was displayed on the screen within the selected period.

OTS Total

Number of people (not unique) who had the opportunity to view the screen within the selected period when the content was displayed. Also includes the number of views.

Total impacts

Number of faces detected in front of the screen while the content was being displayed. Indicates the total number of views for all aggregated content.

Caso de éxito

  • CUSTOMER: B the travel brand
  • YEAR: 2017
  • COUNTRY: Spain and Portugal
  • SECTOR: Tourism

B the travel brand wanted to capture and interpret the demands of a new tourism ecosystem using direct and efficient technology. Neo digitised 650 travel store windows and implemented an advanced omnichannel audience analysis system. Thanks to this digital transformation, B not only optimised the investment of its campaign, but also transformed the experience of its customers and learned from their behaviour.

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