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What is it?

We analyse the campaign’s audience, sales, stock data and real-time attribution for Minerva to interpret and make the right decision for your customer. Its main objective is to improve the customer experience through digital signage, making accurate predictions about what content is the most desired and displaying it at the right time and place.

AI Minerva by Beabloo

AI Minerva by Beabloo

How can we help you?

  • Expands the capabilities of omnichannel Digital Signage.
  • Eliminate communication and promotion out of line with your trade marketing strategy. 
  • Improve the customer experience by providing personalised information. 
  • Get information on customer segmentation to optimise marketing actions.
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How have we helped our clients?

Improve campaign targeting

Minerva is the only solution available on the market that allows you to improve campaign efficiency.

Automate marketing actions

Marketing specialists no longer need to “guess” how, when and where to deliver digital campaigns. Messages and playlists are automatically adjusted for maximum campaign efficiency.

Optimise stock in the store

Improve store operations by optimising your stock with digital signage and accurate product campaigns.

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