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What is it?

The user’s access through their personal data or through Facebook Connect or Instagram Connect allows us to gain knowledge of applications and websites that the customer is viewing and categorising this information according to competitors, internal competitors, landing pages, and so on. All this data is presented in an easy to use and understand customer dashboard.

How can we help you?

  • Define the customer journey in real time and make decisions based on the information.
  • Develop an action plan for new visitors or recurrent visitors, generating campaigns about the app, to develop cross and upselling campaigns.
  • Define strategic campaigns based on the most popular websites and applications with which customers interact while in the physical space.


Key metrics available with Customer Insight Wi-Fi

Connected devices

Percentage of all detected devices that are connected at least once during a selected period.

Recurring devices

Percentage of all detected devices that are connected to Wi-Fi more than once during a selected period.

New devices

Percentage of all detected devices that were first connected during a selected period.


Average duration

The average duration of each connection made during a selected period.

Number of connections

Total number of connections.

Sessions via social networks

The percentage of all sessions broken down by social networking site visited during a selected period.

Content Categories

Number and percentage of connections distributed by application/website category.

Other metrics

Operating system, manufacturer, monthly connections and per day/hour.

Want to know more?

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