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Objective: improve the shopping experience and increase sales

Generating memorable, measurable experiences is Neo’s greatest challenge. Interpreting the customer’s needs from personalised workshops to guarantee the project expectations within a framework of analysis and innovation to guarantee ROI.

How can we help you?

Who, where and how

  • We define the Customer Journey and propose the ideal location of the media.
  • We analyse the behaviour of your customers and offer the content according to their particular tastes or profile, guaranteeing Product Engagement.
  • We optimise the physical location of the media and space and analyse the efficiency of 360 marketing.


Increased in-store conversion

*Based on the Media Markt story


Memorable and convertible experiences


Smart content

  • Segmentation of smart content from the time of day, target, stock or weather variables.
  • Customisation of content based on motion detection.


A 360 project

We interpret the needs of the customer from personalised workshops where we analyse the project expectations within a framework of:

Setting objectives

We analyse marketing campaigns in commercial spaces from online to the point of sale. We determine the customer’s needs to provide a solution based on:

Point-of-sale analytics

Customer journey. Demographic segmentation. Smart Wifi

On-line Off-line Analytics

Audience Analytics – Sales – Stock and real-time attribution.

Analítica Digital Signage

Personalised content according to the audience

Analytics and Technological Integration

Thanks to the Active Customer Intelligence Suite (ACIS), integrated digital solutions will allow you to communicate with customers in your store, analyse them and build personalised and automated experiences.

Customer Data Intelligence

Interests, demographics and visitor route in your store.



Digital strategy to generate a personalised experience, guaranteeing an average ticket increase, stock optimisation and cross-selling.



Native integration:

  • Digital Signage
  • Off-line analytics
  • Online analytics


Managed Services

We lead the integration and offer:

  • Helpdesk Service
  • Smart Maintenance
  • Onsite Maintenance


Managed Services

One of the key stages of a project begins when the technological implementation ends, and we must accompany the customer throughout the process. Our methodology optimises service and customer satisfaction.

Our Products

Our retail tools

Wi-Fi Customer Insight

Allows our clients to get to know the most important interests of their customers (main social networks, most visited websites, etc.) and helps them to obtain information about their customers’ preferences.


Traffic Analytics

Estimates the traffic within and outside of the measured area, and at the same time determines the recurrence.


Audience Analytics

Offers demographic information on who is seeing your content (gender and age range, number of visits and attention span).


Dynamic Signage

Generates personalised content according to variables and the profiles established in Audience Analytics or based on external variables (Weather, Pollution, Time of day, etc.)


Interactive Product Display

With a simple RFID scan, a barcode or by lifting products from an interactive shelf, on a digital signage screen we can instantly display information linked to the product in an appealing way.



The innovative Artificial Intelligence tool applied to digital marketing. Combines the inherent capabilities of big data, computer vision, automatic learning and deep learning.


Managed Services

We offer an international service of installation and maintenance, channel management and Service Desk Level 1, 2 and 3.


Single queue

Automated system integrated in the checkout system, guarantees the smart management of a queue of customers, which can be complemented with advertising communication.


Smart Turno

The flexible and intuitive digital system that allows the management of multiple queues in a simple and scalable way.


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